Total Human Reset is …

For those who dare to dream
Dare to disrupt the status quo
Dare to step into a realm of limitless possibilities
It’s your call to                           


XI Total Human Reset

Transform Your Potential into Power in 28 Days 

The XI Total Human Reset is a 28-day program designed to transform your potential into tangible power in the comfort of wherever you call home. This immersive experience invites you to unlock the deepest layers of your being, harness your intrinsic energies, and step into a realm of personal autonomy and strength.

THR is a transformative journey designed for those eager to cultivate resilience, vitality, and untapped potential. This new science of transformation dubbed Xponential Intelligence (The XI Code) stems not from traditional science, but from a timeless consciousness, revealed through Mas Sajady’s multiple near-deaths. Jump on this path to reshape your reality, emerging empowered, enlightened, and fully equipped to thrive.


Did you sacrifice too much for what you have?

  • Lost in the Labyrinth
    Despite all you’ve achieved, there’s a nagging feeling, a sense of wandering without direction. Is this path truly yours?

  • Energetic Depletion
    Beyond the regular fatigue, there’s a deeper drain, a sense that your very essence is being siphoned off. Can mere sleep replenish it?

  • Surface Relationships
    In a time defined by countless digital “friends,” where have the meaningful, soul-deep connections gone?

  • Endless Seeking
    With all the acquisitions, accolades, and adventures, why does the quest for ‘more’ never cease? What truly is missing?


  • The Illusion of Success
    You’ve met every societal expectation, yet there’s an echoing emptiness. Have you missed a deeper fulfillment?


THR is a potent synthesis of worldly wealth and universal knowledge.

It’s a gateway to transcendence, a means to rise and master the challenges we face.

Total Human Reset Offers:

  • Redefined Success
    Embrace success that aligns with inner desires, not just societal benchmarks.

  • Deep Rejuvenation
    Engage in practices that renew the body, spirit, and mind from the cellular level up.

  • Authentic Relationships
    In a world of quantity, prioritize depth and nurture meaningful connections.

  • Finding Your Purpose
    Harness Quantum Neuroscience and Xponential Intelligence Physics to unearth your life’s unique direction and meaning.

THR stands apart from typical self-improvement programs confined to limitations of the mind; 

it’s a quantum leap into transformation where when you change your frequency, you change your life.

Step up, unlock a new dimension of existence – an opportunity to bridge the gap between your current reality and the infinite potential that quantum realms hold.
Real Client




Human Reset will shift every aspect of you… BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE.“*

~ Casey S.

Human Reset is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Very powerful and transformative! All my relationships have changed for the better.”*

~ Fern

Human Reset truly changed my life. EVERY DAY IS GETTING BETTER and better!”*

~ Valerie C.

“Best thing I have ever done*

“Total Human Reset is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Very powerful and transformative! All my relationships have changed for the better.”*

“Total Human Reset will shift every aspect of you.“*

“My life has changed TREMENDOUSLY*

“Total Human Reset truly changed my life. EVERY DAY IS GETTING BETTER and better!”*

“I am honored and humbled*

“The results I am witnessing are extraordinary*

“I’d 100% recommend this programme*

“I cried, I laughed, it was almost like coming home*

“I feel 20 years younger*

“Such a magical experience*

“I can’t wait to wake up and see how much more beautiful I have become*

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As Einstein said, it’s not philosophy. It’s physics.
The physics of frequencies.
And it’s real.

Future medicine is the medicine of frequencies.”

~ Albert Einstein

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~ Nikola Tesla

Change your frequency, change your life.”

~ Mas Sajady

Do You

Wake up Each Day With an Unshakable Feeling That “There Has to Be More to Life Than This”?

Are ANY of these life challenges holding you back from experiencing your full potential?

  1. Are you successful but not happy?
    And you feel unfulfilled despite accomplishing everything you’d hoped for in your career, finances and life…
  2. Are you ready to take your skills to new heights as a leader, athlete, or career-driven professional?
    But something in your body and mind is holding you back from the results you deserve…
  3. Does it feel as if you’re constantly battling poor health, chronic pain, or issues with your weight?
    And no health professionals have been able to offer you a lasting solution…
  4. Are you battling addiction and unhealthy habits that you know don’t serve you?
    And breaking free from them feels impossible and has always been short lived…
  5. Do you know you aren’t giving your best self in your relationships or marriage?
    But you don’t know how to reignite the love, passion, and commitment you once felt…

It’s Part of Human Nature to Hunger for Something More. But as Long as we Search for Meaning Outside of Ourselves, That Reality Will Never Change…

So how can you shift your focus, and find truth and peace within yourself instead of the material things around you? Many gurus and therapies will claim to help you do exactly that – from clinical psychology to NLP to alternative medicines and more.

  1. You may even feel as if you’ve tried everything in an attempt to create the life you truly want… Perhaps you’ve sat on the couches of more therapists, counselors and psychologists than you can count. But you didn’t get the long-term change you were hoping for.
  2. Maybe you’ve dedicated hours a day to self-help, motivational podcasts, daily journaling and goal setting. But as soon as you’re under pressure, you find yourself responding in the same ways you always have.
  3. You might have tried other alternative treatments such as hypnotherapy in the past. But all you’ve experienced is a short-term high that doesn’t impact your daily reality.
  4. Maybe you’ve sat under the advice of ‘world class’ motivational leaders and business coaches. But you’ve received nothing more than hyped-up speeches and your career or business are still struggling.
  5. Perhaps you’ve come face-to-face with your own addictions through treatments and rehabs. But you find yourself back at square one again whenever you’re left to your own devices and need a lasting breakthrough.
  6. Some of these methods have merit, but if you’ve tried them or any others in the past, chances are you haven’t seen the deep, lasting transformation you were looking for. You may have also thought (or even been told) that this is your own fault, which simply is not the case.
So Why Haven’t These ‘Solutions’ Been Able to Leave a Lasting Impact on Your Life Before

Psychology, NLP and other modalities give you tools that change the reflection in the mirror. They help you cover up your imperfections… but at the end of the day, no matter how much your reflection changes, you’re still the same person. These methods can never actually transform you as a person, because they’re operating at the surface level.

What if you Could Transform Your Reflection Entirely & Rapidly Release Underlying Generational Patterns?

What if you could escape this painful cycle of dissatisfaction, and set a new trajectory for your life? What if you could heal yourself at your deepest level so you can experience Prosperity, Happiness, Connection, & Beauty, unlike anything you’ve known before

Access your Limitless Possibilities: Using the Power of Frequencies

Created by Mas Sajady, Xponential Intelligence takes a deeper, core-level approach to your transformation. Through his groundbreaking frequency meditations, Mas can help you identify and release the destructive generational patterns you’re running – and rebuild your life from the ground up. As you change from the inside out from the foundation-level, your outer environment and circumstances naturally elevate… and without effort.

“I’m literally living a
new human version
of myself.”*

Discover How Advanced Frequency Technology Can Transform Your Life

Emoto Institute Study with Mas Sajady

In 2022, Emoto Institute conducted a water crystal study with Mas Sajady. Mas worked remotely for 15 minutes on the control water samples located in Japan from his home town Minneapolis, USA.

The Institute found that a water sample which Mas worked on remotely for 15 minutes produced crystals that are more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing compared to an untreated sample. Given that the average adult human body is approximately 70% water, this points to the extraordinary potential for frequency work of this magnitude to restore and restructure the mind and body.

Frozen Water Crystals from the Emoto Institute Study

Left Water Crystals: Water crystal from control (untreated) water sample
Right Water Crystals: Water sample exposed remotely to XI frequencies for 15 minutes.

“Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way.
This is not philosophy.

This is physics.”

~Albert Einstein
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