March 20

Renewal and Rebirth
Spring Equinox, Mas’ Birthday, Nowruz (Persian)

Celebrate renewal and new beginnings in our Spring Equinox meditation. This session also honors Mas’ Birthday and the spirit of Nowruz, fostering a time for rejuvenation and embracing new beginnings.


March 31  

Awakening of Hope
Easter (Christian)

Experience renewal and hope in this XI Easter meditation. This session delves into themes of rebirth and inner peace, offering a reflective and refreshing perspective aligned with the spirit of Easter. It’s an opportunity to embrace a fresh start and cultivate a sense of renewal in your life.


April 8

Cosmic Reset
Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon & End of Ramadan (Muslim)

Experience a profound convergence of celestial and spiritual energies on April 8 with a special Frequency Meditation. This day aligns the Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon with the end of Ramadan, offering a unique moment for deep reflection and renewal. In this session, embrace the powerful symbolism of these events: the eclipse’s transformative energy, the New Moon’s new beginnings, and Ramadan’s period of introspection and spiritual growth. 

This Frequency Meditation is an opportunity to harness these energies for personal growth, inner peace, and a recharged sense of purpose.


May 23

Moonlit Awakening: Honoring Buddha’s Teachings
Vesak (Buddhist) & “Flower” Full Moon

A special Frequency Meditation embracing the essence of renewal and enlightenment. This session will honor the Buddhist festival of Vesak, commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and passing of Buddha, alongside the blossoming energy of the May Full Moon. Honor Buddha’s teachings and the beauty of nature’s renewal, finding inner peace and clarity.


June 20 

Summer Solstice

This session is an invitation to embrace the fullness of light and warmth, symbolizing abundance, growth, and vitality. It’s a time to honor the sun’s peak strength, reflect on personal growth achieved so far this year, and set intentions for the remainder of the year. Experience the magic of this solstice moment, to find balance, rejuvenate your spirit, and bask in the radiance of summer.


September 18

Celestial Harvest
Supermoon (Harvest Moon) & Partial Lunar Eclipse

Experience the amplified energy of the Supermoon in this Frequency Meditation, this unique celestial event symbolizes a time of completion and reflection. Embrace the Harvest Moon’s bounty and the transformative potential of the Partial Lunar Eclipse, fostering thankfulness and introspection.


September 22 

Autumn Equinox

Embrace the balance and transformation of the Autumn Equinox. This session marks the shift from the warmth of summer to the introspective period of autumn. It’s a time for embracing change, letting go of what no longer serves us, and preparing for the inward journey of the cooler months. Join in this Frequency Meditation harnessing the equinox’s energy for personal growth and harmony.


October 3  

Beginnings and Blessings
Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)

Reflect on renewal and new beginnings in this Rosh Hashanah Frequency Meditation. Embrace the Jewish New Year’s spirit of introspection and hope, contemplating past experiences and future aspirations. Join this moment of spiritual renewal and embrace the possibility of transformation that Rosh Hashanah symbolizes.


November 1

Illuminated Paths: A Meditation on Light
All Saints Day (Christian), Diwali (Hindu), New Moon

A Frequency Meditation that intertwines the spiritual significance of All Saints Day, Diwali, and the New Moon. This day is a unique blend of Christian, Hindu, and lunar observances, representing remembrance, light over darkness, and new beginnings. Embrace the collective energy of reverence, joy, and renewal, reflecting on saints and ancestors, celebrating Diwali’s victory of light, and setting intentions under the New Moon. Join this harmonious session to celebrate these diverse yet interconnected occasions.


November 11

11:11 (XI:XI) Activation

XI:XI, a date symbolizing spiritual awakening and higher consciousness. This unique moment in time is an opportunity to connect deeply with your higher self, harness universal energies, and embrace a heightened state of awareness. Join in this powerful session to explore the profound significance of XI:XI and its alignment with spiritual growth and personal enlightenment.


December 21 

Winter Solstice

This Frequency Meditation is an opportunity to reflect on the past year, embrace the quiet stillness of winter, and prepare for the gradual return of light. It’s a time for inner reflection, renewal, and setting intentions for the upcoming cycle of seasons. Embrace this moment of introspection and rebirth in the heart of winter.


December 25

Light, Love & Festive Glow
Start of Hanukkah (Jewish) & Christmas Day (Christian)

Celebrate a special Frequency Meditation session that brings together the start of Hanukkah and Christmas Day. This day offers a blend of traditions, symbolizing light, hope, and renewal. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the themes of miracles and joy that Hanukkah and Christmas represent, embracing the spirit of peace, love, and family. Join in this harmonious session to honor these festive occasions and the universal messages they convey.